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S20 FE - Secure Folder - Revolut app stuck on login screen

(Topic created on: 10-30-2023 06:25 PM)
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Galaxy S

After the latest security update, the Revolut app stuck on login screen if is installed in the Secure Folder.
After fingerprint/passcode nothing happens.

Everything like the phone's operating system, the Revolut app as a Secure Folder is updated to the latest possible version.

I performed Clear cache and Clear data in the Revolut application.  Only the first login was possible in this way.
As soon as I logged out or close the Revolut app, it got stuck on the passcode verification when logging in again.

Uninstalling the Revolut app, restarting the phone and reinstalling the Revolut app in a Secure Folder does not solve the problem of logging into the app.

The current partial work around is:

  • clear Cache and Data of Revolut application,
  • first registration/login to the Revolut application.

This process is painful to repeat over and over again, which is not even intended for a normal application login.
Since this procedure is not usual, Revolut additionally checks the correctness of the data for the "first" login to the application by taking a sellfie, additional one-time passwords, additional confirmation via a link sent by email.

Revolut app version 10.1.1 Revolut Bank UAB
Samsung Secure Folder version
Phone Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Model name SM-G780F/DS
Phone OS Samsung One UI 5.1
Baseband version G780FXXUDFWH5
Build number TP1A.220624.014.G780FXXSDFWI3
Security patch level 1 October 2023

OS version:
Android 13
Knox 3.9

Please fix the problem as soon as possible.
Thank you and best regards.

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Factory reset the phone
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Galaxy S

This bug is happening me too. Exact same issue. Revoult instaled in samsung secure folder and Im stuck on login screen after last update. I tried every basic common fixing strategy (force stop, clear app data, update, reinstall), nothing helps. After revoult reinstall, I was able to get into app byt after that Im stuck on login screen.