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Pause Usb power delivery

(Topic created on: 08-11-2023 03:24 PM)
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I'm using samsung galaxy s22 ultra and samsung's pd charger to charge it. So i turned on 'pause usb power delivery' option in game booster while gaming. But it's still charging my phone when i play games on pluged in. Please help me to use this feature in my phone. It's still charging after i cleared the cache of game booster. I turned on the 'pause usb power delivery 'option in game booster. But its still charging my device while gaming. I have samsung provided pd charger 45w and the device have 50% charge. No other apps are running. I didn't turn off the screen. Still it is charging my device while gaming. I already report this problem but no any proper response fromm samsung
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Choose one of the categories, and type the issue that you're facing to them, but make sure to send your device's logs.
To send the device logs, please follow the below:
Press and hold Samsung members Icon > Then tap on Error reports > Select category of your report > Make sure that "Send Log Data" is selected to help resolve your inquire > Describe your problem in details > Change the frequency to whatever you prefer > Then send it.

For more information regarding, you are welcome to visit our website and watch tutorial sending logs by following the link below: