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How to decode the firmware version of your Samsung device

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For example, I’m using Galaxy S20 Ultra‘s latest firmware version G988BXXU4BTH5.

First Part ‘G988B’

The G988B is the model number of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The last letter B stands for the international 5G variant while F used in the international 4G variant.

Second Part ‘XX’

The XX indicates the international or European version. It will change in the United States, South Korea, and China because of carriers use different codes in their home country.

Third Part ‘U4’

The U4 stands for Bootloader Version. According to the security policy of Samsung, you are unable to downgrade the bootloader version of your device.

Fourth Part ‘B’

The later part, B indicates Android OS. For your better knowledge, if there are you found A, then it means it is the first major Android OS update while B indicates that it is the second major OS upgrade.

When you see Z instead of A, B, C …….Y, it means this is the beta version

Fifth Part ‘T’

‘T’ is the eleventh letter in the code. This shows the current year of the firmware. In detail, 2016 has P, 2017 has Q, 2018 has R, 2019 has S, 2020 has T, and 2021 will have has U.

Sixth Part ‘H’

The next letter ‘H’ indicates the release month of the firmware. A stands for JanuaryB for February, and will be continued.

Final Part last ‘5’ number

The last ‘5’ number of the firmware show how many times the firmware has build. With the last letter, you can know how many times the firmware was built. This update built 5 times.

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Very informative. The only anomaly I find it with the 4th part, for eg, see in Galaxy A51, the firmware is A515FXXU4EUD7, and E should indicate 4th Major Android OS upgrade, but is that the case? I think it even considers bye UI upgrades for eg form 2.0 to 2.1 to 2.5 etc