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Heating issue on S24 ultra

(Topic created on: 04-18-2024 08:41 AM)
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I observed some heat issues on my new Samsung S24 Ultra Mobile.. I am a soft user and I don't run much on my mobile and I don't observe any heat issues if I play games or reels etc...certainty, I have a habit of playing youtube videos at night time to get some sleep. Previously I was using multiple brands like realms poco Nokia I never faced this issue. Here the problem is, if I play the offline videos in youtube for over the night I observed very high temperature on my s24 ultra. I am afraid of using mobile phone at night now. Anyone observed this issue?? Can be this fixed at next HF?

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You make 25 watts more. charge plugging play game . Not issues
Heat problems
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Enable Gaming Hub Plug-in
Not issue
I am play game maby dayl 3 hours more not issues my s24 ultra
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If you're experiencing unusually high temperatures, it's essential to address the issue to ensure the safety and performance of your device.

The following factors may affect the temperature of your Galaxy devices:

Using your devices in an environment outside of normal operating conditions
Placing your devices on/near a heat source, such as leaving them in a parked car on a hot day or continuously having them exposed to direct sunlight.
Running multiple apps for an extended period of time.
Using an incompatible, defective, or non-Samsung certified charger and / USB cable.
Initial setup and data transfer from the previous devices.
Sofware version should be updated

Here are some tips on what to do if your Galaxy device generates heat as you use it follow the steps shared in our website :