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Cant make or receive calls but can use internet on same network

(Topic created on: 05-06-2021 12:01 AM)
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Hi, I updated my samsung galaxy s8 today morning with latest patch  G950FXXUCDUD1, after update i cant make or receive calls but can use internet on same network. 

- Tried clearing cache from phone app, still same issues.

- Tried resetting the network setting, still same.

There is no issues from network service provider as the same network works fine on other phone.

Its something after an update.

Please help me fixing the problem. below are the phone and patch details.

Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F)

Build Number : G950FXXUCDUD1
Android version : Pie(Android 9)
Release Date : 2021-04-27
Security patch level : 2021-04-01
• The security of your device has been improved.




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Dear Samsung Member,

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To resolve your device network issue please visit this link: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/mobile-devices/samsung-mobile-network-issues/#:~:text=1%20Check%2....

For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung Members Application (Open Samsung Members Application > Get help > Send Feedback > Error report/Ask questions).

Thank you for writing to Samsung.

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