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Android 14 update

(Topic created on: 11-26-2023 09:53 PM)
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Dear Samsung Team,

I would like to express my frustration regarding the delay in releasing the Android 14 update for Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones. As a loyal customer of Samsung, I expected to benefit from the latest updates and features offered by this new operating system.

I understand that software development and technical improvements can face complex challenges, but I need to know the reasons behind this prolonged delay. As a customer, I expect transparency in dealing with customers, and I urge Samsung to provide a comprehensive explanation for this delay and clarify the steps being taken to overcome these challenges and establish a new timeline for the update release.

I also want assurance that this delay will not negatively impact the performance and stability of our smartphones after updating to Android 14. We need to have confidence in our products and ensure an exceptional user experience.

I hope that you will respond to customer demands and deliver a comprehensive and stable update as soon as possible. We trust in your team's ability to overcome these difficulties and provide an update that meets our expectations.

Myself and other Samsung users appreciate your commitment and continuous support. However, we would like to see clear and tangible results regarding the system updates.

We have confidence in your ability to meet our expectations and listen to customer feedback. Please take this matter seriously and take the necessary actions to achieve customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to your prompt and comprehensive response.

A loyal customer of Samsung
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Hai Eng_ Qaboos,

Samsung has released the final android 14 beta version for s22 ultra. Next will be official Ota update to all s22 ultra users. Depend upon the country or region. The reason for the delay is software stability. Samsung will not send out uncooked one. They were sending out info through their blogs.
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can you give the link for the blog