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Since the beta release, I have seen couple of things that is different or buggy from the stable UI 1.0 release.
- prime video streaming does turn off automatically, 1st screen dims and then phone gets locked post timeout.
- whatsap audio and video call shows in the notification bar as if its still going irrepective of hanging up or disconnecting the call.
- battery performance has decreased quite a bit, but samsung doesnt takes that in considerstion. They replied stating that no issues found in logs.
- new gestures is working flawless, but need to het used to it.
- device care is redesigned, but cant view battery usage like before, where post 90 percent it reset and we get holistic view of partucular 1 charge.
- digutal well being works and it kicks in at right time post providing few alerts.

Please let us know what are the other bugs or features you have found.
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Post it on beta community. Yes Prime video crashes to lock screen. Battery performance depends upon every person's usage and what apps has been installed .