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What is missing?

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Galaxy Note
What could make d NOTE better:
 1. "Air view" only works with the S-pen..On Note3,it works with "FINGER HOVERING "..this is important particularly when Scrolling through long videos..and other media..One shouldn't have to pull out the S-pen all d time. 

2. Infrared blaster missing since Note5..You won't appreciate how much important it is to have infrared blaster on your phone, until u have been used to one that has it. More so,until you live with some toddlers that can make remote controls disappear or destroy it.. or live in a developing country where almost all devices are still controlled with infrared,remotely. 

3. As a matter of fact,Samsung should be thinking of an "FM blaster"..Did u say whatz that?!!!..Yeah! Am thinking d Note9 should have a blaster that can be scanned under d FM radio mode, through a bluetooth or so,to play audio from my phone,directly through d Speakers of my car .e.t.c wirelessly..Beautiful idea isn't it?..that may have to wait for d next Note I suppose?

 4. Edge and functions not available,if the homescreen is in the landscape mode.

 5. Sketch book for galaxy Note3 is by far more "art friendly" than "Pen-up",which I think was meant to replace it..Sketch book is an Offline app..One CAN'T access ANYTHING from Pen-Up when offline..that's a BIG MINUS..imagine one is creating some art work that needs a clear mind & full concentration,but keeps getting distracted by notifications..especially some unsolicited ones from the internet!

 6. Again,there should be a ready "Share" Option on d UI of Pen-Up..not just about posting d work..One should be able to choose which folder to save it in..e.g as gallery file..e.t.c.

 7. On multi-tasking,there was a bubble in d middle of d line dividing d 2 apps in question..One could switch positions between d 2 display windows..that's not available on Note9..Also d bubble made it possible to simply pick a whole:pix,body of a message e.t.c from either of d two opened applications and "drop it directly" in d other app window without having to re-type a message or copy and paste..that's important when sending media..or even text messages between two apps, say,WhatsApp and default messaging or facebook..that option should be reinstated in a sooner than later update pleassssssse.

 8. S Note..Easy chart and d other tweaks whereby One can insert various data and work on them,were removed..what were the developers thinking?!!!..With Samsung DeX on Note9,Easy chart..e.t.c are even more relevant..please reinstate it. 

9. In the settings,there should be option for automatic scheduled cleaning of RAM..e.t.c say by percentage free,by time...e.t.c.

 10. In S Note,Unlike with d Note3 whereby one can create many columns per page,by custom,adjusting the size and width of d column,that's note available too!

 11. Can't change background for pages on S-Note..no option for dark theme or custom theme neither. 

12. Again,Pen width and transparency was manually adjustable on the Note3, but On d Note9,those options were locked up into some few choices..Please replace d scale as it used to be on d Note3..free!

 13. Sadly,Google Chrome which is apparently the default Browser,has no "TEXT WRAPPING" function..so when one zooms-in on some pages,it's not possible to read the beginning nor d ends of d sentences on the page. And without even zooming in,some pages are smeared into the Curved edge of d Screen..Samsung should tweek their browser,making it something better than UC browser(the best browser..sadly snubbed by Google).

 14. The Sceen-Off Memo which I think is a replacement for "Action Memo" on the Note3,is just TOO ORDINARY..all One can do with it,is "save to S Note"..whereas,with d Note3 Action memo,One cld search places,internet,maps,dial phone numbers,and save the Memo as a floating short-cut/icon,accessible from any interface(just like the assistant menu)..or save it permanently in Action Memo file. Supposing I needed to quickly jot down something & needed to quickly search d internet for it..or I wrote down a phone number I needed to call right away..how is that possible on Note9?!..But that was on d official advert video of Note3..those features need to be reinstated!!! 

15. Again,the Screen-Off Memo has no option..the eraser width should be freely adjustable..I tried to make a design but d only option was,"erase all."..The Pen width too needs a freely adjustable manual scale not a few closed options..there's need for "re-do" and "undo" buttons too. 

16. The "GLANCE" function of d S-pen should also work with FINGER HOVERING,not just wt the pen..better still,transparency should be adjustable..or even d size if icon too. 

17. Sadly,when one is using an app,and for a reason needs to open another favourite app with -Spen,the interface of the first apps EXITS automatically..in otherwords,d S-PEN FUNCTION IS NO MORE MULTI-WINDOW!!! Thatz a big step-back.. bc on the Note3,with S-pen there were multiple apps that can be used simultaneously..Please send an update to that effect..One should be able to choose whether the "S-Pen action" should be a Pop-up Window,Multi-window..or New Page(presently,that's the case). 

18. Ultimately, this S Note should be made to recognize handwriting..not only to convert it to text msg,but a mode to recognise it as it appears..call it "SIGNATURE MODE"..I tried to sign my signature after this write-up,but I couldn't..so I left my email address😆.

 19. This is just a review after 2 wks usage..It will be an honour to be one of Samsung's "hands-on reviewer"..Samsung does d best job,it displeases me reading through some reviews on CNET,e.t.c..they fail to give the deserved credit..Samsung is still d best..am still in love with my NOTE3 after over 5years of Usage..I got a lot of mobile experience from its use..am loving the NOTE9 too! This review is,however, to help Samsung give its customers,including my humble self ,"a Juice for their money"..Customer inputs are worthy I believe..TO BE CONTINUED AS I GET USED TO MY NOTE9..But kindly take my review seriously,make sure the developers "chew up" my ideas and suggestions..it wl be more obvious with the two compared phones,hand-in-hand,practically..Thank You. tijjanigarba01@gmail.com.
Galaxy Note
1. Air view needs additional hardware which is not available on samsung devices from S5 and Note 4 onwards.

2. Instead of using IR blaster you can use smart things app to control your smart devices, from switching on your smart TV to changing the ambient light of your lighting system. Seamlessly switch between audio or video devices with out pausing the content.

3. This concept of FM blaster was tried almost 6 years before. It didn't get enough attention so that most of the companies dropped the idea.

4. As you mentioned Edge panel will not work on home screen of its in landscape mode. Its because the navigation panel will not change orientation as per your device orientation.

5. There are tonnes of offline apps that can be downloaded. Most of them supports spen's pressure sentivity option, that enables you to experience a new world of creativity. Adobe Sketchbook, infinite painter are some examples.
If you are that much annoyed by notification using drawing, you can enable do not disturb or focus mode.

6. Samsung have a very powerful gallery app. Doesn't matter where the file get saved, you can simply copy them to the desired folder.
If you use any of those apps which I mentioned in point 5 you will get option to select folder to save the file and it got almost 10 time more features than PENUP.

7. There is option to get that bubble back. Simply install Goodlock and the addon MultiStar gives you more control on multi tasking.
Drag and drop still works between compatible apps. Try copying links between chrome and samsung internet. Earlier their was a drag and drop option, now you have to long press and drag together to activate.

8. I am also not happy that they removed easy chart, idea sketch etc.

9. Automatic cleaning based on time is available in device maintenance app. If you have a schedule to clean ram based on free memory, how can you make sure the app you are currently using or the most important one doesn't get closed?

10. I have a note 4 with me, but I am not familiar with this feature. Need a little elaboration.. 😁

10. You can change background in Snote and Samsung Notes app.

12. I agree with you.

13. Need to be fixed by Google. Not samsung.

14. Samsung notes can also do the same. Save the memo and open it from Samsung Note app.

15. As you mentioned screen off memo doesn't have option to adjust eraser size, most probably because its meant to take quick notes. The Samsung Notes app have better options. Still if you are looking to draw, better to use third party apps I mentioned.

16. Glance with finger won't work as the hardware is lacking.

17. Nice feature suggestion. I agree with you.

18. Please explain how to make it possible. Not only Samsung note, all apps must be made compatible for this feature to work. Even if Samsung Note recognise your sign and you copy it, the app you are trying to paste it also must support this.

19. I have almost 11 years of experience with samsung. I have used almost all samsung Flagship S and Note Series.

If you compare the features that you get from a samsung device and other devices released at same time period, samsung packs more features. Multiwindow for example was introduced in S3 it took many more years for Google to impliment the split screen version in their os.

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Galaxy Note
1..that's a reversal..don't u think so?
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Galaxy Note
2..u wl notice that i gave conditions why d IR blaster is still useful..not everyone using these flagships have smart things..we still use IR powered devices here in our country.
3..if it didn't get much attention, well i can agree wt u on that.
4..It could still be made to word..there r 2 other free sides of d phone.
5..Ok..y d not just let d sketch book for galaxy have newer tweeks,rather than replace wt an app wt less effects that wl arise d need to download some offline apps like u suggested?
6..So Samsung should follow suite and upgrade d PenUp to look like d ones u mentioned in point no 5,isn't it?Now u see my point?
7..Y remove d bubble? Dd ut not get much attention like d FM blaster? More 3rd Party apps means les RAM &More battery consumption..removing it from default is a step backwards.
Drag and drop..doesnt work wt most app now..i used it for Snote,msg,whatsapp e.t.c..Now u can't use sNote in Split View especially wt locked Notes..try it out..mayb u can enlighten me more.

9..Notification to a Permission!
10..If u long-press on d page in sNote,there's a frame that appears,then u press on options,then properties..d height & width wl be manually adjustible to custom size if u uncheck d box dt wl appear..u can then enter digits personally to orient d size of d box..u can d same on d same page..dt way u can create diff boxes of different sizes ,u could type free & even make them overlap.
10..I think u r comparing my review wt Note4..my review is a comparison btw my Note3 and My NOTE9..Note3 & 4 r much d same,Note4 is a better version though.
13..And is text wrapping available on Samsung internet?
14..Pls tell me if i can dial a phone number directly by writing it on my Screen-Off Memo! If there's anything Samsung needs to return on the Galaxy Note,it wl be ACTION MEMO!
15..Y 3rd Party apps..it was available on an earlier version..y remove it? thatz d point!
16..Finger hovering hardware was available on Note3..y remove it?
18..am not some Engineer or something of dt sort,just a simple guy wt truck load of tech ideas..just want d best out of Samsung cos they r already doing d best job out there..i mean it should be able to understand handwriting &preserve it as such wtout converting to d keyboard txt..d way it appears on "Live messages "..hope am clear about that?