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Top 5 Samsung Apps I use the most

(Topic created on: 01-26-2021 11:17 PM)
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Hello everyone, 

Today I will share with you the details of the 5 most used apps on my Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G.
1. Samsung Notes. 
Yeah, I know you guessed it. What can be more useful than the Samsung Notes app when you have the power of S Pen and a large display in hand? I use this app at least a dozen times a day to take quick notes during calls, shopping list and to unleash my creativity during leisure time😀😀 
2. Samsung Internet Browser. 
You may not expect this name here, but trust me this is one of the most-used apps on my phone. This is a very secure and customizable browser. You can easily switch between light mode and dark mode with a click and also you can turn on anti-tracking and ad blocking in the settings. It got a tonne of personalization including multiple add-on services(more on that in another post).
3. Samsung Health. 
I think people are more health-conscious now. What could be more pleasing than a personalized app which will record your physical activities, analyze them and categorize the activity based on what you are doing? Samsung health can automatically detect whether you are walking or running and can calculate the average calorie burnt. It can also keep a record of your blood pressure, glucose level, sleep, and the list goes on. There are multiple challenges and workout tutorials to help you achieve your target. 
4. PENUP. 
PENUP is a platform where you can see the artworks created by artists across the globe. You can create and post yours also. It has a painting option in which you can paint from scratch or you can start painting on a line drawing. You can also fill colors, paint using multiple brushes, etc.
5. Samsung Dex
I have already made a detailed post on Dex. There is not even a single day I haven't used Dex. Dex offers a flexible PC like experience in which you can view or edit your office files, watch media or even use your favorite app on a bigger screen. You can even use Dex wirelessly on a compatible smart TV. 
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Hi Ambassador, 

Thanks for the helpful tips!

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