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I just found a way how to minimize the lags and stuttering animations on my Note 20 ultra. I just set my screen resolution to HD+ and it solved the issue. Lower screen resolution seems to be pretty decent for me. And it saves battery as well. So i gu...
The latest update on my Note 20 Ultra made the animation transition WORST. My goodness.... the shifting from 1 app to another is just HORRIBLE. STUTTERY AND LAGGY. 
Samsung should also focus on improving the animation. My goodness... In every update i cant see and feel any improvement at all. 
Samsung should really work hard on improving the animation. I mean, I am a Big fan of Samsung but when it comes to animation transition, IOS is way much better. Like, the built in Task Changer or even the task changer from Home Up is so much disappoi...
I dunno of it's just me but my Note 20 ultra heatens up insanely fast even if im just using facebook and youtube apps (after the last sofrware update) 梁