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Option to Pin memos to lock screen from Samsung notes

(Topic created on: 06-01-2018 01:18 PM)
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I didn't find any option to pin memos to lock screen(AOD) from Samsung notes. The only way is to write and pin it while the phone is locked.
It will be more easier if there is an option to pin it to lock screen(AOD) in Samsung notes.
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Unfortunately we cannot pin a note to AOD from notes directly. Only notes written while the phone is locked can only be pinned provided your phone is not in power saving.
I've found two solutions, one is to pin it to your home screen and set it as the main homepage so that whenever you press the home button you go to the notes widget.
Secondly, if you save your note as an image, you can add it on your AOD. This is not a highly efficient method but if you really want to remember something as soon as you look at your phone then it could be great(Image would be small though). These are something I tried.

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