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How I Became An Ambassador!!!

(Topic created on: 09-12-2021 01:20 PM)
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Dear Members,

Like the most of you, I'm a Samsung big fan since many years, I started my journey with Samsung back in 2012 with my first device the Galaxy S3, at that time the device was one of the best devices out in the market with many advanced features, the device caught my heart after a couple of hours of usage.

After that the Galaxy Note 3 was my second device and from that time I started my journey with the S-Pen.

I shifted couple of times between the Note & S series in the next years, but finally I decided to continue with the S-Pen.

In the past couple of years I was an active member on Samsung Members community posting different stuff and engaging with other members, trying to reply to their concerns and to solve their technical issues if possible, then one day I received an email from Samsung Specialist asking for my contact details, I still remember how thrilled I was when I received the call and when they asked my if I'm interested to join the Samsung Ambassador program, and for sure my reply was "YES i AM INTERESTED"

After that I was shortlisted and selected as 1 of 4 Ambassadors for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and I was able to attend and be a part of 3 virtual Galaxy Unpacked events.

For all members I can say that you can become an Ambassador one day, you just need the passion and to be an active member on this community.

All the best for you all and hope to see you soon as an Ambassadors.
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That was a pleasure for me to be part of the team 🙌🏼 😀 and will always be.
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Thank you for sharing this nice information