It all started last year with the release of the beast Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which had the best of Note 8 and S9 plus in it, both being best in their own.. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was considered the best phone of the year by many Reviewers and tech enthusiast, for its brilliant performance, battery and camera. After that glory the year end saw many releases from Samsung which Captured everyone's attention and not forgetting the M series that everyone is waiting for, that will be the budget king beating all others...
Than Samsung upped its update game by updating its phone regularly with security updates and other improvements update. Even the midrange had nothing to worry about the updates. 
Samsung than rolled out the beta update for the Note 9, pleasing many users and rolling out bug fixing updates weekly, addressing all the issues. Than gradually the S9 plus got the update as well and many users were left happy. And finally on the 16th Of January the official Pie update was released  for both the Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy s9 plus and simultaneously the note 8 and s8 plus got the bera update. Which was unexpected and a pleasant surprise 
Finally the last year and this new year Samsung has very much improved and I look forward to more innovation and technology by Samsung.