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Camera not Working

(Topic created on: 03-04-2023 04:57 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy Note
Hi Everyone, 

I've had my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite for about 3 years and the camera just stopped working after a software update a few months ago - 

This is on the Samsung Camera app itself as well as any social media platform. I just get a blank screen. 

The phone is still in excellent condition and has no damage. The camera was working perfectly fine up until I did the update. 

I installed all the patch security updates released after the main update, cleared the cache on the camera app and even tried a factory data reset, but still no luck! 

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice would be appreciated! 

Active Level 3
Galaxy Note
Either the update came with some sort of a glitch or theres something wrong with the camera's hardware

Take it to a samsung branch to have it checked out..
Galaxy Note
You need to update the phone