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Note 10 plus stylus disconnecting

(Topic created on: 11-14-2022 05:06 PM)
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Galaxy Note
Stylus immediately disconnects when removed from phone. Put it back in then sometimes it connects and disconnected again even while inside the phone. When I take it out, my hover and writing etc works but not my remote camera action's and gestures etc. It's like the Bluetooth connection with stylus not working,perhaps...?? If I reset with stylus in the phone, it may connect but then may disconnect again while still in the phone, then starts trying to connect again. When I remove the stylus it immediately disconnects and says I must put it back in again... I have just noticed this issue.... and the only factor I can think of is my battery being replaced by Samsung about a week ago. Maybe something happened there...??

No way to attach pics me videos here...?