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1. Smart capture update given its helpful to take whole screen screenshot like the whole Google search results from top to buttom.
2. Media & devices added.
3. Focus mode added.
4. A power button on the quick settings panels top added iys helpful to switch off / restart etc quickly.
5. The call connected quickly as compared to pie.
6. Front camera have a lots of improvement in picture quality.
7. Gaming is more optimized. I don't play pubg or free fire but heavy games like GTA SA & GTA VC s playing is more optimized.
8. Charging time have improved from 25 to 100% it previously ( on pie ) takes approximately 80 min but now within 55 to 60 min it charges the battery.
9. A transition effect added while switching apps using recents screen.
10. New permission "allow location only while using the app" is added.
11. New swipe side gusture navigation buttons added.
12. Recycle bin also added to my files ( you couldn't delete the whole android folder if you use the recycled bin feature turn it off ( be careful turning it off would erase all of your recycle bin files) and then delete.)


1. The app options like open in pop up view / change ratio etc has been switched down which previously presented on the middle of the screen.
2. The permission prompts ( pop ups ) has been drawn down which previously presents on middle of the screen. 
3. Force stop the app have a new look & logo . (Previously its have only text )and its also downgraded to buttom.
4. The quick settings panel whole changed many items removed many added.
5. The message app have a new conversation slot.

1. Still no update of AOD ( always on display) even it have a super Amoled display.
2. Network connections suddenly disconnected ( Mobile data doesn't turn off but still speed of 2kbps while same operator other M10s ( on pie dont update ) gives normal speed like 1 to 2 mbps on jio 4g)
3. Takes approx 3 second to disconnect any call.
4. If you disabled the galaxy store then please dont enable it as you couldn't disable at any way ( without rooting) . 
5. No improvement of rear camera quality.
6. Even after disconnecting the call and even on flight mode the green area on top ( as shown whilw you are taking anyone) is a bug. ( solution- just call any other number)
7. Volte automatically turns off & on ( highly once a day just enable & disable flight mode)
7. Battery is draining faster compared to pie. ( on previous i give 100% charge at morning approx 7.00 am and till next morning it approx 25 % left after consuming 2gb of bsnl & 1.5 gb of jio but after last update its 25% remaining after 4.00 pm afternoon)
8. The emoji keyboard is too irritating its appears while even entering mail id / otp / password 🤣. Who use emoji in password/ otp 🤔.
9. The weather app continuously send notification of only updating nothig more shown. Even i block the background data for it.

No such issue like M31 found while downloading & installing the update. You can consider updating your device.

Still have i missed something please comment.

My device Galaxy M10s. And i update it by taking risk as i got a case while updating M31.
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you can't judge normal budget set of samsung bcs they intentionally do wrong with budget sets
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yes i know.
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Good review of the updates. But all of us facing one problem or the other. is Samsung noting all these.

Dear Samsung Member,

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Please visit this mentioned link to resolve your device hanging issue: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/mobile-devices/how-to-restart-the-device-when-freezed-or-hanged/

To resolve your device battery drain issue please visit this link: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/mobile-devices/samsung-mobile-battery-drain-issue/

For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung Members Application (Open Samsung Members Application > Get help > Send Feedback > Error report/Ask questions).

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