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A Big Problem: OneUI Native App Lock - Where is it??

(Topic created on: 04-26-2024 02:09 PM)
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I have an M52 5G and one of the first things I tried to do as soon as I bought it was lock some apps with my fingerprint. I was extremely sad when I looked through the device's settings and couldn't find the old Block and Mask Applications option, which was available in the settings of other Samsung devices, on recent devices this simply no longer exists.

I tried using third-party apps that perform this task of only blocking applications and none of them provide security, privacy, functionality and effectiveness as a native feature like that would. I even tried downloading the "apk" files of Samsung's own apps and installing them, such as S Secure and Application Lock, but they don't work either.

Although the Secure Folder App has a similar function, it is still not ideal in this case, because it makes accessing blocked apps difficult. Well, we don't exactly want a parallel space blocked with duplicate apps, we just want to block our apps, like on smartphones from other brands.

About the Samsung Pass App: there is also nothing in it that actually blocks applications with password/pin or biometric authentication, in other words, it is not useful for this purpose either.

To Samsung: This feature is much needed, Samsung. This is one of the features that the community wants most on their Samsung devices. There are several videos and posts on the internet reporting dissatisfaction with the lack of this. Please implement the app lock function to all Samsung smartphones that do not have itAn update like this would be very well received.

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In advance, I thank you for the opportunity to expose this here, as a consumer and member of the Samsung community.

P.S.: It's interesting that some apps, such as banking apps, for example, which normally need additional protection, have in their settings the option to unlock the application with authentication, ironically using the native lock screen - even similar to the one used to unlocking the Secure Folder App or the Samsung Pass App. The conclusion is that the functionality exists, just not in the form of an app and of easy access and management for the consumer, unfortunately.

! This post is an updated version for the English language, based on another in Brazilian Portuguese, published by me also, in 2021: OneUI Tip: Native App Lock 

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