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Just 4 things i need from Samsung ,and almost another user also need this
1. processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 
2. Full customization in:-  
theme,wallpaper,icons,navigation bar,status bar,quick settings and more which can be possible by software easily 
3. At least 3 Android update from Google and 4 yr ui with security updates 
4.Most imp PRICE, a user can pay higher for devices if the company gives good after sales service or good quality of materials in devices like apple

Plz share more and more if u agree
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ss brother they give 2 major updates only
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point no 2 you can get everything if you use goodlock app from Samsung
point no 3 to provide os updates hardware should have compatibility so most of budget and midrange mobiles can't be update
point no 4 you need quality of the product then you should compromise the price or vice versa

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