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As most of the models, regions and carriers received One UI 3.1 Upgrade with Android 11, it's time to cover what's included in this long awaited update. I received the update a week ago (Bangladesh) and was scrutinizing all new informations with new, updated, removed apps in the last week and now I'll share with our Samsung Galaxy Users. This analysis is also applicable for India and other ASIAN regions and carriers.

Software Update Information: 
Security Patch Level: 1 March 2021
One UI Version, Android Version, Google Play System Update (Manually Check For Updates), Baseband Version, Kernel Version, Build Number, SE for Android Status, Knox Version, Service Provider Software Version, Security Software Version & Android Security Patch Level Updated. Kernel Version & SE for Android Status Timeframes Updated.
(Settings > About phone > Software information) 

New System Apps (±54 Apps)
NB: Some apps may have been updated manually. 

Application recommendations, Apps (Edge Panels), Bixby dictation, CMFA Framework, CallBGProvider, Cell Broadcast Service, ChromeCustomizations, Clipboard edge (Edge Panels), Device Services, Edge panels, Eye comfort shield, Files, GPUWatch, Google Wi-Fi Provisioner, HdmApp, KnoxPushManager, Locale Overlay Manager, MCFDeviceContinuity, Motion photo viewer, Network manager, Pebble, People (Edge Panels), Portrait, Punch hole cutout, Rounded, Samsung Core Services, Samsung Multi Connectivity, Samsung Visit In, SamsungSmartSuggestions, Separated Apps, Smart Touch Call, SmartThings Framework, Support components, System Wi-Fi resources, TalkBack, Tapered Rect, Tasks, Tethering, Tools (Edge Panels), Vessel, Waterfall cutout, Wireless emergency alerts, Work profile, com.android.providers.media, com.android.server.NetworkPermissionConfig, com.google.android.overlay.gmsconfig.common, com.google.android.overlay.gmsconfig.gsa, com.google.android.overlay.gmsconfig.photos, com.google.android.overlay.modules.cellbroadcastreceiver, com.google.android.overlay.modules.cellbroadcastservice, com.google.android.overlay.modules.documentsui, com.samsung.android.networkstack.tethering.inprocess.overlay, com.samsung.android.networkstack.tethering.overlay, com.samsung.android.wifi.resources, com.samsung.android.wifi.softap.resources

Updated System Apps (±233 Apps)
NB: Some apps may have been updated manually. 

AASAservice, Accessibility, Adapt sound, AlwaysOnDisplay, Android R Easter Egg, Android Services Library, Android Setup, Android Setup, Android System, AR Emoji, AR Emoji Editor, AR Emoji Stickers, AR Zone, AppCloud, Application Installer, Auto Hotspot, Automation Test, BadgeProvider, Basic Daydreams, BBCAgent, Bixby Routines, Bixby Vision, Bixby Voice Stub, BixbyVision Framework, Blocked Numbers Storage, Bluetooth, Bluetooth MIDI Service, BluetoothTest, Bookmark Provider, BrightnessBNR, CIDManager, CMHProvider, Calendar, Calendar storage, Call, Call & text on other devices, Call Log Backup/Restore, Call settings, Camera, Cameralyzer, CaptivePortalLogin, CarrierDefaultApp, Certificate Installer, ClipboardSaveService, Clock, Companion Device Manager, ConfigUpdater, Configuration message, Configuration update, Configuration update, Configuration update, Contacts, Contacts Storage, ContainerService, Customisation Service, DECO PIC, DQA, DRParser Mode, Default Print Service, Device care, Device security, DeviceKeystring, DeviceTest, DiagMonAgent, Dictionary, Digital Wellbeing, Download Manager, Downloads, Dsms, Dual Messenger, Dynamic System Updates, Emergency information, EmergencyManagerService, EmergencyProvider, Enterprise Sim Pin Service, EpdgTestApp, External Storage, FACM, FaceService, FactoryCamera, Favorite Contacts, Filter Provider, Find My Mobile, Finder, Foundation, Fused Location, Gallery, Gallery stories, Game Booster, Game Launcher, Game Optimizing Service, Google Calendar Sync, Google Contacts Sync, Google Location History, Google One Time Init, Google Partner Setup, Google Services Framework, HTML Viewer, HandwritingService, Hiya Service, HwModuleTest, IPService, ImsLogger, Input Devices, KLMS Agent, Key Chain, Keyboard Content Centre, Knox Analytics Uploader, Knox Enrollment Service, Knox Key Chain, KnoxVpnPacProcessor Emergency Launcher, Link Sharing, Group Sharing, Live Wallpaper Picker, MDE Service Framework, Magnifier, MTP Host, Main components, Market Feedback Agent, Media Storage, Media and devices, Messages, MmsService, MobileWips, My Files, NFC, NSDSWebApp, Nearby device scanning, Nearby Service, NetworkDiagnostic, NetworkStackOverlay, One UI Home, OsuLogin, PacProcessor, Package installer, Permission controller, Perso, Phone, Phone, Phone, Phone, Phone and Messaging Storage, Photo Editor, Photo Screensavers, Print Spooler, ProxyHandler, Quick Share, Quick Share, Reminder, SCPM Client, SIM Toolkit, SKMSAgentService, SVC Agent, Safety information, Samsung Device Health Manager Service, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Keyboard (deprecated), Samsung Keyboard, Samsung Location SDK, Samsung O/Free, Samsung Time Zone Data, Samsung capture, Samsung setup wizard, Samsung voice input, SamsungOne, SamsungPositioning, Sec Media Storage, SecSoundPicker, Secure Folder, Secure Wi-Fi, SecureElementApplication, SecurityLogAgent, Select background music, Send SOS Messages, Separate app sound, Service mode, Service mode RIL, Settings, Settings, Settings Storage, Settings Suggestions, SettingsBixby, SetupWizardLegalProvider, Shell, ShortcutBNR, Sim app dialogue, Smart Call, Smart Switch Agent, Smart View, SmartFittingService, SmartThings, Software update, Software update, Sound picker, SoundAlive, Storage Manager, System UI, SystemUIBixby2, TADownloader, Tags, Tips, User Dictionary, User manual, Video Player, Video trimmer, VpnDialogs, Wallpaper services, Wallpapers, Wearable Manager Installer, Weather, Wi-Fi Calling, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Tips, Work Setup, com.android.backupconfirm, com.android.cts.ctsshim, com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim, com.android.localtransport, ,com.android.ons, com.android.providers.partnerbookmarks, com.android.server.NetworkPermissionConfig, com.android.sharedstoragebackup, com.android.wallpaperbackup, com.android.wallpapercropper, com.samsung.android.knox.attestation, com.samsung.android.smartswitchassistant, com.samsung.android.wallpaper.res, com.sec.epdg, mlp, ringtonebackup, slocation

Manually Updated System Apps: 
NB: These apps and modules are manually updated after One UI 3.1 Upgrade with Android 11 from Galaxy Store & APKMirror. Make sure to update all apps from Galaxy Store, Google Play Store and also manually check for updates of your Samsung Apps from Settings > Apps > Samsung app settings > Click on each apps & open about app tab. You may get a prompt if an update is available or the latest version is already installed & these methods will help you to get the best performance from your device after an OS Upgrade. 

Good Lock— Multistar, LockStar, Clockface, Navstar, QuickStar, Sound Assistant, Home Up. 
Galaxy Labs— Thermal Guardian, Memory Guardian.
Game Plugins— Priority Mode, Daily Limits, Game Booster Plus, Game Clock.
Samsung Kids— Samsung Kids, Samsung Kids Installer, My Browser, My Camera, My Gallery, My Phone, My Art Studio, My Magic Voice, Bobby's Canvas, Crocro's Friend Village, Crocro's Adventure, Lisa's Music Band. 

Removed Apps (±24 Apps)
2 Button Navigation Bar, Bixby Service, Blue light filter, ClipboardUIService, Contacts Migrator, Health Service, HideNotch, HideNotchWithoutCornerRound, IPSGeofence, Live focus, Live focus picture, Payment services, Personal home, SplitSoundService, Square, UIBCVirtualSoftKey, What's new, bootagent, com.google.android.overlay.gmsconfig, com.google.android.gmsgsaconfig, com.google.android.overlay.modules.ext.services, com.android.sec.ims, com.android.sec.internal.vsim.VSimServiceApp, emojiupdater

Biometrics Security Patch: 
Fingerprint ( >
Face Recognition ( > 
(Settings > Biometrics and security > More biometrics settings > Biometrics security patch) 

What's New/Changelog: 

One UI 3.1 Upgrade (Android 11) 

One UI 3.1 is designed to help you focus on what matters. Our visual redesign has improved the places you visit the most, like the Home screen and quick panel, to reduce distractions, highlight important information, and make your experience more consistent. Performance improvements will help apps run quicker while using less battery power. And One UI 3.1 puts control in your hands with new privacy controls, one-time permissions, and enhanced Digital Wellbeing.

Scroll down for a full list of changes.

Visual design 

We’ve refreshed the look and feel of One UI 3.1 in lots of ways, big and small, from new, more consistent icons to smarter organization of the quick panel and notifications. Motion is smoother and more natural than ever, with improved animations and haptic feedback for common interactions. And the interface responds to different screen sizes to provide the best experience on any device, whether it’s a phone, foldable, or tablet.

Improved performance 

We optimized One UI 3.1 with enhanced dynamic memory allocation, so apps run faster and perform better. We’ve also restricted background activities to provide better performance and power usage.

Better customization 

• New image categories have been added to Dynamic Lock screen, and you can select up to 5 categories at once. 

• On the Lock screen, you can add a widget to check your usage time. 

• Get an interactive preview when setting a wallpaper. 

• Adjusting the Always On Display and Lock screen is easier. 

• Add a call background to see a picture or video when you make or receive a call. 

• In Samsung Internet, you can reorder and lock tabs. 

• Bixby Routines has even more controls to help you automate your life. 

• New icons and Lock screen widgets make it easier to find and control your routines. 

• Use Digital Wellbeing with separate personal and work profiles.

Enhanced features 

Home screen and Lock screen 

• Add widgets by touching and holding an app on the Home screen. 

• Turn off the screen by double tapping on an empty space on the Home or Lock screen. (Set it up in Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures.) 

• On the Lock screen, tap the clock area to see widgets like calendar, weather, and music.

Calls and chats 

• See conversations separately in the notification panel. Works with Messages and your favorite chat apps. 

• Easily remove duplicate contacts stored in the same account in Contacts. The storage period for deleted contacts has been extended from 15 days to 30 days. 

• Added the ability to edit multiple linked contacts from a single screen. 

• Added Trash in Messages so that recently deleted messages are stored for 30 days.

Pictures and videos 

• Take pictures quicker with improved auto focus and auto exposure. 

• View, edit, and share pictures and videos more easily from Gallery. 

• Find pictures and videos quicker with new search features and categories in Gallery. 

• Revert edited pictures to their original versions at any time, even after they’re saved, so you never lose a shot.


• Settings has a new simpler look and feel. Your Samsung account is shown at the top, and Home screen settings are now easier to access. 

• Find the settings you need more easily with new Search features. You’ll get better results for synonyms and common misspellings, and you can tap on tags to see groups of related settings. 

• Quick settings buttons have been reduced to provide only the most commonly used features. You can also add buttons to create your own customized quick panel.

Samsung Keyboard 

• Increased the number of input languages to 370. 

• Made it easier to paste copied images and verification codes from text messages. 

• Added emoji and sticker suggestions when you enter a text-based emoticon. 

• Improved the keyboard layout to provide a larger space bar when entering web and email addresses. 

• Reorganized Keyboard settings so it's easier to access frequently used settings.


Maintain a healthy balance between work and life by minimizing repetitive and complicated tasks and handling them efficiently. 

• New routines will be recommended based on your daily life and usage patterns. 

• Bixby Routines provide a setting to return everything to the way it was before the routine ran. 

• In Internet, you can hide the status and navigation bars for a more immersive experience and quickly translate webpages. 

• You’ll be prompted to block websites that send too many pop-ups or notifications. 

• You can browse and select cloud drive files from the file selection screen in My Files. 

• You can now delete cache files in My Files to easily free up storage space. 

• Events with the same start time are displayed together in the month and list views in Calendar. 

• Use your phone or tablet app icon layout in Samsung DeX so you know where everything is. 

• Open the touch pad from the navigation bar on your phone or tablet.

Easy media and device control 

Media and device control is easier with the improved media panel in notifications. You can see recently used media apps and quickly change the playback device. You can also check Android Auto settings in the Advanced features menu in Settings.

Identify and improve your digital habits 

Improved Digital Wellbeing features make it easy to check how you're using your phone or tablet and help you form good digital habits. Check your usage while driving or see weekly changes in your screen time by function at a glance through upgraded weekly reports.

Accessibility for everyone 

One UI 3.1 recommends useful accessibility features for you based on your usage. The improved Accessibility shortcut makes accessibility features easier to start and use. You can use the Speak keyboard input aloud feature to get voice feedback of your typing even when TalkBack is turned off.

Stronger privacy protection 

You can now let an app access to your microphone, camera, or location just one time. Any permissions that an app hasn’t used in a while will be automatically revoked. You can no longer give apps permission to always see your location in the regular permission popup. To let apps access your location when they’re not in use, you need to go to the location permission page for the app in Settings.

Additional improvements 

• In Clock, you can hear the time and preset name of the alarm read aloud when an alarm rings.

Some apps will need to be updated separately after the One UI 3.1 update.

App copies made using Dual messenger can no longer access SD card files directly. To share SD card files in an app copy, select the files in Gallery or My Files, tap Share, then select the app copy.

You can no longer use Wi-Fi Direct to send files to other devices. You can use Nearby Share instead. You can still receive files using Wi-Fi Direct.

You can no longer connect to Chromecast using Smart View. You can use Google Home instead.

Thanks everyone for reading my analysis! Make sure to like and comment so that more Samsung Galaxy Users can view and get knowledge about it! Have a nice day and keep exploring new features, hidden features, tips and tricks!
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Thorough analysis indeed.
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Welcome! This analysis took me to create within a week!
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