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Anyone using a04e with android 13 software?

(Topic created on: 06-21-2024 04:06 PM)
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I need someone with one ui 5.1 a04e in india
For some pics and videos to post about bad animations after one ui 6 update 
After this Samsung may take this issue serious 
I will also post on twitter and tag gyan therapy so he might help us
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

As per your query, we request you kindly share the log file. Also, share video clips and images for better understanding. This will help us to investigate further and resolve this issue.

Samsung Members Application (Open Samsung Members Application > Support> Tap on error report > Type your query > Send).

Note: To ensure relevant log information is included in the error report, submit the report within 3 minutes of encountering the bug or error, and do not terminate (swipe away) the Samsung Members application until you are notified that the report has been sent. This can take up to 5 minutes.

Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support