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Galaxy S11 series will come in 3 sizes 1. Galaxy S11e : (6.4") 2. Galaxy S11 : (6.7")3. Galaxy S11+ : (6.9") Displays.108MP main lens / 50× Hybrid zoom / 120hz Snapdragon 865 or Exynos / 5G on plus modelEven smaller camera hole than note 10.IMAGES BA...
Samsung Galaxy A51 renders based on leaked images also with exact dimensions.
Will come this week.
I have both, Infact i use both Galaxy and an iPhoneWhat do think is better between Galaxy buds and Airpods "Not pro" ?I definitely use airpods alot...They're comfortable.They're good for basic tasks like calls and media.They dont feel in your ears.Th...
Make it better not worse!!