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Hey Samsung! Please add more clock styles to the Always On Display. It would be great if we get some punchy and fresh clock styles, kinda bored with the existing ones 😂.Regards,A S10 Lite user.
Hi guys, after the may security update I am facing an issue with the proximity sensor of my S10 Lite. In between calls the screen wakes up even if it's close to my ear. I think there is a problem with the proximity sensor or some software bug. Am I t...
Since a week I've been observing a greyish cicle on the photos clicked with the main 48 mp camera.I don't know why is it happening but it's surely a hardware problem, as photos clicked from other two cameras does not have that.I've circled it on the ...
I think there is a battery drain issue on my Samsung Galaxy s10 lite. It's not that prominent, but having a 4500 mah huge battery it should lastall day long and it does but i feel there an issue with the battery.#S10lite #s10lite #S10Lite #Lite #Batt...