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My galaxy suffers from a "hiccup". The sound icon keeps popping out almost every three minutes. It is also combined with a sound like that of a hiccup.Please prescribe the best remedy for this bug.
I got a new update for my galaxy on nxt.on nxt new update
The website which leaks information on which device will recieve updates and which is not states it is only a matter of predictions rather than being definite. Go here: :"One last thing we ha...
Samsung galaxy on nxt 64 gb takes 7-8 hours to fully recharge,and quickly drains.Please rectify this bug.When will you roll out your so-called "binary update"?Still waiting but nothing happens.
Battery charging in switchoff mode takes long time:7 to 8hours.While charging it reaches 97% then it goes down to 96% 95% 94% 93% 92% 91%.Then it settles on 91% and starts charging again till it reaches 100%.please fix this long unbearable bug.Still ...