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Hey Samsung/Guys, recently my battery life has decreased terribly after oreo update, I used to get around 6 hours of screen on time and now I only get around 4h 30min as shown in screenshot. All settings are same and similiar usage...can someone plea...
Guys, just got the new Oreo update which fixes the bugs (random restarts) in the initial version of Oreo!
After days of trying out stuff. I found that disabling Wifi scanning helped reduce the google play battery drain massively. You will find it under Location > improve accuracy > Wifi scanning. Also if you have bluetooth scanning on too, try disabling ...
The Android Oreo update is finally out for non-beta users! Full Catalog and Update size posted in the screenshot. Highly recommended.
Google play services is recently after the december security update draining battery on s8 rapidly(consumes most!), how to solve this?