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Samsung should develop a feature to set a Voice command/voice shortcut  to open an appExample 1: user can set voice command as WhatsApp and whenever user speaks WhatsApp it should open the app.Example 2: user can set voice command as flash and whenev...
Currently samsung clock allows to set or trigger spotify for the set time.The same feature can be imolemented to trigger or use the Video as an alarm for the set time
This is an old feature from the Nokia phones and stull would be alot usefull in todays date.The user just has to hover the hand once or twice over the front camera to change the sound mode of the phone.This can be done from lock or home screen only.S...
The feature is avaialable on the phones of other manufacturers as well.Basically the front camera keeps analyzing the position of the user's head/face/eyes to identify if he/she is looking at the screen or not if the user's head/face/eyes are at diff...
User should be able to create the widgets for any apps for the active screenExample 1: I am on Reels screen in Instagram app, I should have the option to instantly create a widget on home screen for the active screen view(.i.e. Reels screen)Example 2...