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Background:I got this S24 Ultra from Thailand with CSC as THX, which i changed in India to INS via samfw tool. It took me 5 mins to do that. I was really struggling through a point where i was not able to receive any ota update after changing CSC to ...
HIGHLIGHTSSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features a flat display, Titanium frameGalaxy AI features will arrive on older Galaxy smartphones soonOverall, the phone performs exceptionally well all acrossIf you'd ask AI to come up with the best possible Androi...
You can now select how much GBs of RAM you want to add from your storage to RAM plus feature.Like if you have 8gb RAM model, then you can select 2GB or 4GB or 6GB of RAM to increase it from your storage. Remember your storage will go down if you use ...
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Just sharing my battery Performance usage after a full day of nominal usage. I really like it personally. I am using WiFi, Mobile network, and 96hz Refresh rate all the time (Galaxy Max Hz refresh rate app)I think it's pretty good. I have made some m...