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On My Galaxy S10 liteThose budding mango leaves 😉😉😉🌱🌱🌱That lovely Macro shot 🌱of my Tiny Papaya plantlets😍😍😍
On my Galaxy S10 lite #CloudMintOn my Galaxy S10 Lite. The ultra grade camera...🤩
I think it is the best Flagship initiative offered by Samsung after S10 lite. The features which were left undone in my current S10 lite ★water resistant ★ dust resistant ★ wireless charging ★reverse charging ★ wireless DeX mode ★ 120Hz ultrasmooth r...
★ Please bring Fingerprint Customizations in future updates ★ Since DeX mode is a software.. feature I recommend Samsung to fix on S10 lite Note 10 lite as well They are not less than Flagship devices