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I have glazedinc premium uv tempered glass for s10 mobile. I can sell it 500 if anybody want to buy in Ahmedabad.#galaxys10
Hi all,Can someone help me solving the issue of audio output in speaker when earphone jack is connected? I have found that ringtones, notifications, alarm do not work on speaker when earphone jack or bluetooth speaker is connected. This sometimes mak...
We have seen a lot of big information on useful cards and multilingual keyboard, but not able to see any updates for Galaxy S10+ providing these necessary features? Anybody got idea about it?
Even though we have received 2.1 update, we have not recieved the useful cards feature yet.Why so?
It was assumed that it will be available in fieat week of april, but the update is not yet available in any s series or note series. Do anyone got any information on the same?