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For the very first time,Samsung Galaxy A50s has got it's new security patch update (1 Nov 2019) and an update for camera improvement.
A50s fingerprint sensor is working way better with WhatsApp 👍Even a single time, I didn't get any 'No Match'! and at the same time it opens the WhatsApp within a fraction of second like the physical fingerprint sensor!Here what I want to say is, A50...
can any of the a50s user share your last software update details here?i need to check my update info with yours!
Place the status bar icons in both the sides of camera cutout while we are using notch hiding'll make the screen space a little more.consider this too in the upcoming one ui 2.0
Dear Samsung,Add option to open calendar & clock when we click the calendar and clock icons which are present in the notification panel.hope this update will included in one ui 2.0