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Battery is draining rather quickly post Oneui3.0 update. Have anyone facing the same issue? Is there any fix for the same?
Its my device and the snapshot of the same. Jiat received the update.  If you don't receive the notification go and manually check the update.
I'm aware it is in this month but we are already done with first half of the month. Observed that other counties are already receiving the update. When is it going to be for India? Any idea folks?
Hi I'm usingG Galaxy s10 and frequently I'm facing issue of YouTube playback. Im a YouTube premium user and I tend to play YouTube in the backgorund. But whenever my phones go to facing an issue of YouTube playback. Until I turn the screen...
Recent reports claim that Samsung started Android 11 roll out for S10 Gang. However, the one's who have registered for beta program might get the stable later than the one's who haven't registered for beta program.Full details in the below link:https...