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Im using samsung galaxy a7 and bymistake i inserted sim ejector tool in the mic hole (primary, side of speaker grill). Does it caused any damage?.
Watch the top left corner..when the screen is on dark grey color..top left corner goes black and remaining display shows the original color..
Ive been using galaxy a7 for past 6 months and now i noticed that when the display is on dark grey color or simply grey color the brightness density is not the same .. on the right side it shows proper grey while on left it shows black , the pixels t...
Why my galaxy a7 2018 is being heating up on normal usage from past 2 days..it do not used to do it before..??what is the solution for it??
Ive got scratches on the aluminium frame of the galaxy a7 2018 (on the sides top and bottom)..from the starting ive put it in a backcover and sometimes remove it..how the scratches came?? And how can i get rid of it.?