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Is anyone having issues in one u I 6.1 ? Are there any fixes for battery  drain issues ? Network speed slowness ? Any other known issues in one u I 6.1? 
Best    fireworks  photos  and videos  ❤️ of 1st Jan 2024 clicked from my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Fireworks  
Hey   everyone, I have a problem on one u I 6 in good lock , home up module I cannot select stack , vertical list, slim list option in task changer layout type Screenshot attached 
Hello  輸 Has anyone upgraded to one u I 6.0 ?How 樂 has your experience been ?Do let me know your comments & suggestions here ? 
Hey Samsung, Please  put an update in next one u I 6Which has Internet speed indicator on the top which constantly shows your Internet speed Many other android phones  have it as default but no Samsung Galaxy phones have it Please  include this in...