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This happening many times. Top famous apps, getting Unknown publishers. Don't use galaxy store.
Can somebody tell me what is this app? 10622 it shows. I didn't download anything other than DRM, play store.)
Auto shazam and pop up shazam are displayed as they are switched on, but they aren't. When it comes like that I'm unable to use that function. It gets resolved after reboot, but after used once, same again. That didn't work, and stays as it was switc...
You can share WiFi password with QR in the hotspot settings(attachment1). I suggest to display QR in the hotspot quick setting in the notification panel(attachment2).Attachment 1Attachment 2
Different times like PST, ET etc on AOD. Now, we have different cities. But, for an enterprise or artist, it'll be helpful if had PST,ET times.