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Dear team I have a small suggestion to you that why don't you guys provide us with the more option for fonts. We do have only to options and remaining we have to buy. So I request you to please provide free options for fonts. This is my suggestion.
Dear samsung team I would like to thank you guys for delivering the update as you promise, and I hope you people will try your best to provide the satisfaction for your consumers. Thank you guys.
Dear team I feel very sad to say this, till now a70 didn't get the andriod 10, but a70s and older device received the andriod update. What about a70 are we going to get the update,if yes when?
why does Samsung lagging behand with there competitors, when comes to the matter of software updates as you people know that now a days mobile phone companies are trying to provide latest update as soon as possible, but when it's come to Samsung it l...
Dear Samsung team I have a suggestion to you guys instead of launching number of mobiles into the market, try to give a better service to those who's already your customers. it will save your reputation, please think on it .....