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Hi Samsung...I got my new samsung M30s. Seroiusly its monster. But i missed two main application..Please give update for M30s. One is Knox security Secure folder another one is App lock and not intresting to use third party app for these pur...
Text messgae only send while VoLTE signal exist. otherwise text message not send... when send without VoLTE signal, Error message immediate shown in notification... Other mobiles text messages works. so network is not a pblm..need to update Text mess...
am not receive any message in samsung galaxy On8 due to sim card messages full..i deleted all messages from simcard vai message settings... after delete, the messages refershed and showing all message to delete sim card messages?
Help me to root my Galaxy On8... unwanted apps block my space... i unable install new apps.. So help me to root my device.... Thanks in advance...
Any update for Galaxy On8????or i move to Redmi....Suggest me.... boring Nougat...