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With One Ui 2.5 rolling out now to S10 series, when can we expect the same. It'll be great have, I've been waiting for it to restart using 3rd party launchers with gestures.
Since the last update, My Note 10 Lite is no longer showing Charging Rapidly, it is stuck as Fast Charging. Though I am getting same charging speed as before, but the charging rapidly animation no longer exists. Is it just me??
Samsung's Note 9 has started receiving One UI 2.1 in a few countries along with June Security Patch. Note 9 wasn't originally supposed to get it, but it's started rolling out and here we are in India waiting for the One UI 2.1 on our Note 10 Lite.Thi...
Samsung has really disappointed me with regards to this phone, the device is still on February 2020 security patch, it's the end of May.And the worst part is that this is only happening in India. Even May security patch has rolled out in a few countr...
Dear Samsung, It was told on one fine day that India will be among the second wave countries to receive the S9 pie Beta. So the expectations started mounting as we approached 20th of November... and then it was gone... so was 21st. Contacted your cus...