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I have charging issue on my Sam.A71 The mobile has stopped charging within 2 days.First fast charging went off aur mobile 3 ghanty charging time show krny lga.then next day us sy bhi gya.Pehly bhi iss issue ki wajha sy 2 dafa repair krwaya h.Is this ...
When i listen something in my Samsung A71 its voice starts fluctuating after 5 minutes.When I pause the song and again replay it ,it becomes normal for 1 2 minutes and then again start fluctuating..Anyone knows what is this issue and how to resolve i...
My samsung A71 charges a bit slower than usual (80% when it should be 100% charged).Also i noticed that when i went to northern areas for tour,it was charging perfectly but now when i came back,it started charging slowly....P.S :The weather is very h...
I am experiencing extreme lagging and hanging issue on my Samsung A71..The phone gets hanged and screen goes black ,sometimes for even an hour or more...Can anyone tell what is the problem with my mobile?
Anyone having problem with fingerprint and face recognition?????I think there is a glitch ...Anyone other facing it ?