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Hi guys,Whenever I open galaxy store to check for updates, it just shows a blank screen. No apps are visible, but at the top right corner it says "update all" . Any fix for this?
Why on earth is J7 Duo not eligible for Android 11? I got android 10, what makes it ineligible for the next update? PATHETIC SAMSUNG
Hi everyone!I got the One UI update 2.0 update yesterday on my J7 Duo and I'm noticing that there is a shift in the notification bar that the icons seem shifted to the centre instead to the sides, especially the time and battery icons. Is this normal...
Hey Guys,Why does the M series, mainly M30s and M31 not have knox protection, whereas the A51 does, when all of these run on same chipset, 9611? Also, how much of phone security is compromised if Knox is not available on a device. Does its absence ma...