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can anyone tell me whats are the changes after 227 mb new update in galaxy on8(J716) ???
In my samsung galaxy on 8 when I attached it to music system or earphone right side sound does not working with it. While they are used with others they work properly.please help me
i thought samsung had been forgot on 8 model so did not release any update for it since a long time. In such fast changes in the world Samsung is so slow.Dear samsung if you continue with this policy then no one will go for you. this model is just 2 ...
Dear samsung please also add a feature to show date and time while taking picture as printed on it
in my samsung galaxy on 8 battery charge time is showing 8 hours and 15 minutes while it is charged 7%. In this time I can charge another 3000 mah battery 4 times. very slow charging