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Why one ui 3 modules update new features not work in one ui 2 like navstar bar hint feature, clock face customisable clock faces feature pls @samsung #samsung if you are making #Goodlock modules update for one ui 3 and adding new features pls don't f...
After latest update of sound assistant 3.5.13 when i try to turn up or down volume in sero theme my phone screen turn off automatically and phone starts li'l bit laggy and i got msg in Goodlock app my device samsung j6 @samsung ps fix this @Goodlock ...
Does anyone getting heatup problem after android 10 update in j6.
After j6 android 10 update Goodlock Homeup module is supported to j6 but in Homeup app there is one option missing background blur Control. this option is not showing in app why...? Anyone know..?
Guys finally update aagya