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Hi, Please help me set full battery charge alarm using bixby routine. What i want is if battery charge reaches 100%, an alarm should ring indicating full charge.I know i can download 3rd party app from Play Store, but if i can use bixby routine or an...
Hello Samsung,We desperately need a full battery charge alarm. This will help us to disconnect the charging as soon as its battery is full thus saving the battery overall health.
Microsoft Apps like Outlook, Team, Company Portal, OneDrive are not loading at all. When i tried opening those, mobile freezes and nothing is happening. The same Apps were working fine with Android 9. Please fix it
Hi SamsungPlease make incoming caller image full screen. This is much needed feature. Was waiting for this feature from a long time
Crome Browser is opening desktop site for most of the sites that Iam browsing now. Eg,, and other news sites. Earlier with Android 9, this was not the case. Even if Iam trying to browser their mobile site,...