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Today i bought one tp link bluetooth for my pc. But i am unable to pair my mobile phone with pc bluetooth. Whats the samsung pairing password? While pairing its telling wrong password. Any one having i dea, my pc have win7 32bit operating system
1. After SOFTware update a50 does not support dual band Wifi hotspot tethering, its only supporting 5ghz band wifi tethering. Request to modifi for both band support2.In camera sport mode may be incorporate Regards
Hi. After a lot of search i come to know pc wifi router is usually works on 2 band 2.4ghz and 5ghz, i think after update android 10 a50 support only 5 ghz band. Plz send a OTA to support 2.4 ghz also. Or any one have any idea of changing this band fr...
After recent update phones wifi tethering is not working. I.e. unable to connect other device
When softwate update os10 will come?