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Created using Penup, Snapseed, and Lightroom🤩. Thoughts?Twitter and IG: @thehopelessgeek
Has anyone noticed how the notification shade doesn't sit flush with the display curves at the bottom on a Galaxy Note device? Saw this on my Galaxy Note 8.I suppose you'll have to crank up your screen brightness a bit to see it. What do you think?
So...this happens quite often now. I noticed that my Galaxy Note 8 sometimes struggles to wake the screen when I hit the power button. It takes a second and even after the screen lights up, the UI doesn't respond to touches. It gets so laggy and slow...
With OneUI, I found that I can no longer use the telephoto camera of my Note 8 in video mode using that nifty little '2x' button which used to be on the screen.I love everything else about OneUI except the camera app. I loved the old one so much more...
I need some help. Since I upgraded from my Galaxy S7 to Galaxy Note 8, I've been facing issues adding my main debit card to Samsung pay.I can't seem to get the verification SMS from my bank, even though my card is functioning normally. I could easily...