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Please think of something else for the back keeps on mixing with the gesture to samsung edge.  Its really annoyingEither restrict the back gesture to just one side of the screen or something else
I just updated my s9 plus with one ui 2.1 and since then it has bwen drqining my battery like hellIt came from 20 ro 0% in just 45 min to 1 hrI charged it up again,   then too it slashed from 32 to 20 % in 30 minSolve thia issue fast please....the la...
It would be really nice if you would consider the stock android type of volume notification Eg. On the side instead on the top...its easier to use and looks even cool
Hey just for suggedtion....Please think of shifting the volume slider to the side that would be a lot approachable than on the topNot evertime i would have to keep pressing the buttonBut cool volume animations though
Pretty impressed with the interface.. yeah some issue with battery...but still feels a lot premium than one ui 1....I really feel i own a premium phoneCould improve the back gesture for navigation think of something elseBut performance is very good.....