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Does anyone uses bixby as their default voice assistant? I'm new to Samsung and I've no idea if bixby has any advantages over Google assistant. I've read a few articles that bixby has better hardware control in samsung device and can do a lot but hiw...
I wanted to know what's the actual battery capacity of the F62. Yes I know it's 7000mAh but the actual rated capacity is a little lower than what the capacity is. Can someone tell me what the actual capacity is. Ampere is an app that can tell what th...
Is anyone using the game launcher plugins?If yes does it make any significant change to the experience?
How do I get rid of this zipped app thing from my phone?It has unnecessary permissions and I can't disable it or remove the permissions.
Anyone who uses bixby over Google assistant.?Can you tell me some advantages of Bixby over Google assistant. Thanks.