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I need to replace my S10+'s display in Chennai. Can anyone tell me where the service center is? And has anyone changed it before, can you please share your experiences and the cost?
I was happily watching a video on my phone and suddenly it switched off. When I restarted it everything was gone and had to setup like a new phone. What the hell is wrong with my phone?
Has anyone received any update for s10plus after the initial Beta update? I haven't received any.
Is there anyone locked out of phone and not having a backup waiting for some solution? Iam here without any backup and with loads of data locked inside.
It's been a frustrating couple of days with the new beta. Particularly disappointed with the non support for galaxy wearable app. Have been unable to use my Galaxy watch to its fullest since the update. Started with 100% on my watch at 6 in the morni...