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Requesting samsung,  please work on m series smartphones fingerprint unlock! Because at a similar price point real me phones have blazing fast fingerprint with good security obviously. I know Samsung can make m series fingerprint unlock much more qui...
Anyone knows about where i can find good fomts for Samsung M20? Because the ihve found from other sources they aren't work and on galaxy store most of fonts are paid, help please!
Please requesting Samsung, please give us a update with well optimized oneui for m20.This os lags everywhere looks cool no doubt handy too but too much frame drops lags everywhere. Previous experience os was much fine as compared to this one. If anyo...
After got a update for Samsung m20 Oneui android 9.0 it was bit exciting because previous os for m20 was highly optimized for m series. But no such optimization for oneui. Everything is pretty fine but oneui on m20 has some minor lags when opening ap...
Please add game tuner back for Samsung m series we have Exynos 7904 and we all play pubg without game tuner we couldn't play as good as other phones please Samsung add game tuner back to pie is 