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Once again some rump tails over open hardwood Namibian coals. Weber (sugar free) spice. Amazing!Quality time spent with family!Shot on S21 Ultra by my daughter!
Tried some Tomahawk steaks over Namibian hardwood coals.Shot in near darkness on S21 Ultra.
Panfried Rump to medium rare perfection.Fresh steamed vegetables.Shot on S21 Ultra
Made my wife a 1 egg version.Followed by this Banting monster, delicious!3 farm fresh eggs, salt, pepper, herbs and stuffed with chedder cheese, fresh tomatoes and ham.No Milk!Topped with fresh Avocado!Shot on S21 Ultra
My "tiny" wife was not that hungry, So I decided to make her a 1 egg omelette with salt, pepper, some herbs, stuffed with ham, chedder cheese and topped with fresh Avocado.All in a tiny pan!Coffee mug for scale!Shot on S21 Ultra