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My left headphone doesn't work and can't be detected by phone and can't hear anything from it.السماعه الشمال لاتعمل ومابقدرش اشوفها على التطبيق نفسه ممكن مساعده فى الموضوع ده فى الصوره شايف اليمين فقط مع الCase
My phone suddenly showed No SIM card detected try to change another SIM and same issue. SIM connect and disconnect many times any one knows what reason for this?
How 樂 to fix Samsung account authentication information as it expired?Samsung S21 Ultra 5G Android 12
Any one didn't receive any new updates , I didn't receive it since 1 May .
البصمه فيها مشكله وبتعلق جامد وتقريبا الموبايل مابيفتحش S21 Ultra