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لو سمحتم ال S Pen مش بيعمل Connect الا لثواني وعند سحبه من الهاتف يفقد الاتصال فورا وبالتالي خاصية ال Air Actions لا تعمل، الكلام دا لم الاحظه الا بعد اخر تحديث، وشكرا.
Hello,The Extra dim feature was there after the last update on my NOTE 10+, after a few minutes from the update, the feature disappeared.Is there any tips for this issue?Thanks,
Please, If anyone can help, I will be greatfull!The "others" category in my phone storage has many gigabytes, and i can't locate this amount of storage. So where i can find this category in my phone, so that i can delete them if they are not necessar...